Our Company:

Lazer Media, a certified minority-owned company, owns and operates 47 radio stations in 20 of the fastest growing Hispanic markets in California and Nevada. Lazer Media does this through a network of stations that uses their unique multi-market platform to provide consistency of product, while remaining customized to the taste and lifestyles of the audiences in each of their markets.

Lazer Media’s 5 custom formats feature the most popular artists of today and superstars from throughout the history of Latin music in an environment that speaks directly to the culture of the listeners, whether they’re ambi-cultural, gen-xers, or multi-generational families.

Lazer Media’s talented teams of radio personalities connect with their audiences, building relationships on-air, online and in person. Lazer Media can and will create individual marketing campaigns and events to benefit both the consumer and advertisers.

What sets Lazer Media apart from other companies for more than 30 years is the unwavering commitment and roots of ownership for serving the communities where they both work and live.

Lazer Media has donated millions of dollars throughout the years to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals; provided relief efforts for the Sonoma, Ventura County and other state wildfires. Lazer Media has personally delivered building materials to the devastated cities in the Mexico earthquake; and created, produced and supported local cultural events and festivals throughout their radio footprint in the Golden State and Reno Nevada.

Lazer Media is community delivered. Lazer Media does much more than entertain their listeners; Lazer Media invests in them.

Our History

Lazer Media began on August 5, 1991 in Oxnard California, with its first radio station, “Radio Lazer” 102.9 FM. Radio Lazer quickly became the Mexican Regional flagship station in each market it entered, Riverside (1994) and San Bernardino (1995).

In 1997, “La Mejor,” the Spanish Adult Hits format was introduced and the very next year, the third format, “La Mexicana,” was added, playing traditional Mexican mariachi music.

Throughout the next five years Lazer Media reinforced its footprint throughout the central coast and in 2003, entered Reno, Nevada. It continued to solidify its station growth and expanded into new markets along the coast, up to the Bay Area; launching in San Jose in 2012.

Two years later in 2014, Lazer Media entered the state capital and its surrounding areas. This also marked the beginning of their fourth format, “Latino,” playing Spanish Adult Contemporary music; engaging the younger bicultural and bilingual audience.

Within the next four years Lazer Media continued to add new markets on both sides of the Central Valley as well as adding additional formats and FM translators to their successful existing markets.

On August 5th 2023, Lazer Broadcasting celebrated 32 years serving its communities on air – 5 formats, 47 stations, in 20 markets throughout California and Reno, Nevada.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to introduce our formats to new markets throughout the west coast, entertain our listeners, provide excellent customer service, and deliver the best potential Hispanic consumer while engaging with the community.

Lazer Media is Community Delivered!